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Can Reserved Seating At Red Rocks Amphitheater Sit In General Admission Area


Im going to a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison,CO. And Im kind of confused on how the seating works. Ive seen many seating charts that say different things. Im going to see FALL OUT BOY and PARAMORE for the "monumentour". I need to buy the tickets really soon! like right now! haha and i want to be in the lower part, as close to the stage as possible!!! so what would that area be considered? Reserved or GA? price is not too much of a problem, again i just want to be in the first couple rows. It sounds a little bit weird to me since ive seen pictures and the sections dont really seem to be divided. Ive even seen people on the wheelchair accessible area right in front of the stage, who obviously werent using wheelchairs XD. I also know it can depend on the type of event which in this case is considered a Rock/POP concert. So would they do a "GA standing pit" in front of the stage like it is normally in other rock concerts? If not, I would really like my seats to be in the very first rows and middle area (not too far off to the side) so how should I go about it? Anyone who is a Red Rocks Concert Veteran is very welcome to answer! Anyone who always gets the closest and best seats please help! Anyone who is from awesome Colorado and knows enough about it can really help thanks.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre Seating! *HELP NEEDED* Morrison, Colorado?

General Admission at Red Rocks is amazing. I personally think that it's a waste to buy a reserved ticket for the front rows, because you can still see and hear the band perfectly. The view is great, and there's not much of a difference from reserved and GA. I never get reserved, simply because it's a waste of money when GA is so amazing anyway. You can bring binoculars if you want to, but I don't think they are necessary unless you want to see the band up close. I had a zoom camera, and I could zoom all the way up to the band from where I was sitting.

Here is a view from GA:

For GA, you can sit in the seats that are on your tickets. You can ask other people to stand up and move if they are in your seat, too. However, if the concert isn't very crowded, you can move up some seats if they are empty. In that picture, you can see that there are a ton of empty seats you could sit in.

When I was at the Foreigner concert, I sat on the side of the ampitheater.
Do you see the trees on the side of the ampitheater? They are on ledges that you are free to sit on also. It was really comfortable, because we laid out blankets and fold-out chairs on one of those ledges and we were able to spread out and relax. If it's crowded, you could even do that, and you can get up pretty close on either side if you sit on one of the ledges.

Red Rocks is my FAVORITE place for a concert. It's so much fun, it's beautiful, outdoors, and the sound and music is always great. You'll have a great time with your girlfriend! Before or after the concert, there are plently of places to grab a drink or something to eat in Morrison.

Here are some reviews on Red Rocks, since you asked for them :)

Good luck, and I hoped I helped! Have an awesome time!

Red Rocks General Admission? (Lana del rey)?

I will be attending the Lana Del Rey concert may 12th at red rocks. I have a reserved ticket for row 47 so me and my friend plan on sneaking lower and possibly to the floor of GA. I was wondering just how early do I need to be to get down there? (the concert starts at 7:00pm) Do ushers start kicking people out of up front GA after so many people are down there, or can I push my way anyways? Last year the entire amphitheater was PACKED and i'm prepared to leave with some battle wounds! Thanks in advance.

What are some interesting outdoorsy places to visit in Colorado?

I think the alternate definition for Colorado in Webster's is "outdoorsy." LOL. I'm more familiar with western Colorado (and a little biased). A list of my favorites?1. Ouray. Stay at the Box Canyon Lodge (private, terraced outdoor hot tubs), rent a Jeep and drive up Yankee Boy basin and over Red Mountain Pass, then spend the evening walking around town, finish with a killer Mexican dinner and local beer at Buen Tiempo on the patio. Perfect day.2. Glenwood Springs. White water rafting, hiking to Hanging Lake in the White River National Forest, take the tram up to Glenwood Caverns and go caving for an afternoon (is it outdoorsy if it's underground?), bike along the Colorado River through Glenwood Canyon, and end the day with a dip in the hot springs pools.3. Grand Junction/Fruita. This one pretty much counts as two. Hiking, biking, skiing, camping, kayaking on the Grand Mesa, the world's largest flat-topped mountain. Second-to-none mountain biking in and around Fruita. The Kokopelli Trail starts here. Hiking, climbing, camping on Colorado National Monument, which is like a scaled-down version of the Grand Canyon. Way too much to list, and most of it is pretty underrated and usually not crowded.4. Steamboat Springs. Biking, hiking, skiing, camping. Tons of fun on the Yampa river in the summer. Olympic caliber skiing and winter sports. Unmatched scenery. God's Country.5. Gateway. Gonna go almost off the map on this one, but a hidden gem in my mind. You don't go here unless you know it exists. Five star resort in a one-horse town. Hiking, kayaking, Jeeping, camping, fly fishing. Peace and quiet in a way most people never experience. Backdrops straight out of a Hollywood western. And the trip over the La Sal mountains to Moab is a challenging, once-in-a-lifetime affair.Just my two cents. All places I've been and will go again. I'm sure there's lots more in Colorado that's really cool and really popular and really crowded. These 5 are really cool and largely unknown and rarely crowded.

Do I have to use my reserved seats at the Fall Out Boy Concert?

I'm going April 29th too! So pumped:)
Usually if you have assigned seats, it means you stay there. You could probably walk around, but I don't think the security will let you on the floor without general admission tickets.

I accidentally bought an accessible seat ticket for a concert but I'm not handicapped. Will they let me in?

Probably, since HIPAA does not allow venues to ask for proof of disability. However, if what you purchased was space in a wheelchair zone, with the assumption that you will stay in your own chair, you may not have a place to sit. I would contact the venue and see if you can exchange the ticket.It’s not forbidden for non-disabled people to sit in that section. I have gone to events with disabled friends, and sat in that section so I could be with my friends. The section is usually large enough to take into account people sitting with friends. When I was with a friend in a wheelchair, I sat in a moveable, straight-backed chair that was not as comfortable as the regular auditorium seats, but it was the only way to have seats for people like me who wanted to sit with friends in wheelchairs.I wouldn’t worry about contacting the venue ahead of time and be accused of anything. This probably isn’t the first time this has happened. They may even tell you to keep the seat if the accessible section isn’t close to selling out.It’s very doubtful anyone else sitting there would confront you. They would probably assume that you either had a hidden disability or that you intended to come with a disabled friend, who couldn’t make it at the last minute. Or they might even think the rest of the house sold out, but the accessible section didn’t, so last minute sales were to anyone who showed up. That happens.